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  • 33 - Telekommunikation, Audiotechnik, Videotechnik

Radiocommunications (ICS 33.060)

RSS-130, Issue 2, (7 pages, available in English & French) and RSS-196, Issue 2 (8 and 9 pages, available in English and French)

Notice is hereby given by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada that the following have been published on its Web site:

·         RSS-130, Issue 2, Equipment Operating in the Frequency Bands 617-652 MHz, 663-698 MHz, 698-756 MHz and 777-787 MHzsets out certification requirements for all equipment operating in the frequency bands 617-652 MHz, 663‑698 MHz, 698-756 MHz and 777-787 MHz. RSS-196, Issue 2, Point-to-Multipoint Broadband Equipment Operating in the Band 512-608 MHz for Rural Remote Broadband Systems (RRBS) (TV Channels 21 to 36)sets out certification requirements for equipment employed in Rural Remote Broadband Systems (RRBS) to provide point-to-multipoint fixed wireless access broadband radiocommunication in the band 512-608 MHz (TV channels 21 to 36).