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Pesticide pyraclostrobin in or on various commodities (ICS codes: 65.020, 65.100, 67.040, 67.080)

Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Pyraclostrobin (PMRL2022-08). Language(s): English and French. Number of pages: 7 and 8

The objective of the notified document PMRL2022-08 is to consult on the listed maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pyraclostrobin that have been proposed by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

MRL (ppm)1 Raw Agricultural Commodity (RAC) and/or Processed Commodity

1.5              Azaroles, Chinese quinces, Japanese quinces, medlars, tejocotes

0.9              Beltsville bunching onions, daylilies, elegans hosta, fritillaria bulbs, fritillaria leaves, fresh Chinese chive leaves, fresh onions, kurrats, lady's leeks, lilies, macrostem onions, pearl onions, serpent garlic, shallot bulbs2, shallot leaves, wild leeks

1 ppm = parts per million.

2 The MRL established for "shallots" at 0.9 ppm will be revised to "shallot bulbs" to reflect current terminology.