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Pesticide fluazaindolizine in or on various commodities (ICS Codes: 65.020, 65.100, 67.040, 67.060, 67.080, 67.100, 67.120, 67.200)

Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Fluazaindolizine (PMRL2021-17). Language(s): English and French. Number of pages: 5

The objective of the notified document PMRL2021-17 is to consult on the listed maximum residue limits (MRLs) for fluazaindolizine that have been proposed by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

MRL (ppm)1    Raw Agricultural Commodity (RAC) and/or Processed Commodity

0.8                Legume vegetables (succulent or dried) (crop group 6); oilseeds (crop group 20) (revised)

0.2                Tuberous and corm vegetables (crop subgroup 1C)

0.15              Cucurbit vegetables (crop group 9)

0.07              Fruiting vegetables (crop group 8-09)

0.05              Carrot roots

0.03              Bulb vegetables (crop group 3-07); stalk, stem, and leaf petioles (crop group 22)

0.02              Root vegetable, except sugar beet (crop subgroup 1B, except carrot roots)

0.015            Leaves of root and tuber vegetables (crop group 2); leafy vegetables (crop group 4-13); Brassica head and stem vegetable group (crop group 5-13)

0.01              Low growing berries (crop subgroup 13-07G); cereal grains (crop group 15); eggs, fat, meat and meat byproducts of cattle, goats, hogs, horses, poultry and sheep; milk

1 ppm = parts per million