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Pesticide tetraniliprole in or on various commodities (ICS codes: 65.020, 65.100, 67.040, 67.060, 67.080, 67.100, 67.120, 67.200).

Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Tetraniliprole (PMRL2020-01). Language(s): English and French. Number of pages: 6

The objective of the notified document PMRL2020-01 is to consult on the listed maximum residue limits (MRLs) for tetraniliprole that have been proposed by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

MRL(ppm)1      Raw Agricultural Commodity (RAC) and/or Processed Commodity

20             Leafy vegetables (crop group 4-13)

7.0            Citrus oil

1.5            Brassica head and stem vegetable group (crop group 5-13), lemons/limes (revised) (crop subgroup 10B); small fruits vine climbing, except fuzzy kiwifruit (crop subgroup 13-07F), tomato paste

1.0            Oranges (revised) (crop subgroup 10A), stone fruits (crop group 12-09)

0.9            Grapefruits (revised) (crop subgroup 10C)

0.5            Pome fruits (crop group 11-09)

0.4            Fruiting vegetables (crop group 8-09), cottonseeds (revised) (crop subgroup 20C)

0.3            Meat byproducts of cattle, goats, horses and sheep

0.2            Dry soybeans

0.05          Milk

0.04          Fat of cattle, goats, horses and sheep

0.03          Tree nuts (crop group 14-11)

0.02          Meat of cattle, goats, horses and sheep

0.015        Tuberous and corm vegetables (crop subgroup 1C)

0.01          Eggs; fat, meat and meat byproducts of hogs and poultry; field corn, popcorn grain, sweet corn kernels plus cob with husks removed

1 ppm = parts per million 

MRLs are proposed for each commodity included in the listed crop groupings in accordance with the Residue Chemistry Crop Groups webpage ( in the Pesticides and Pest Management section of the website.