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Glass in building (ICS code(s): 81.040.20)

BOS 161-3:2018 Safety and security glazing materials for buildings — Part 3: Bullet-resistant glazing materials; (16 page(s), in English)

1.1 This standard covers requirements for the performance of bullet-resistant glazing materials intended for use in areas of buildings that may be subjected to attack with firearms.

1.2 This standard does not cover requirements for the retention of bullet-resistant or shot-resistant properties for a stated period of time.

NOTE 1 A requirement that should be specified by the purchaser and a requirement that should be agreed upon by the manufacturer and the purchaser are noted in Annex A.

NOTE 2 Information regarding the verification of the quality of bullet-resistant glazing materials is given in Annex B.

NOTE 3 Provision (when relevant) of the specimen sheets of security glazing material to be used for the firing test requires special agreement between the supplier and the purchaser.

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