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HS Code(s): 200811, 070810, 070820, 071320, 071340; ICS Code(s): 13, 65

Draft resolution number 773, 6 January 2020, regarding the active ingredient I21 - INDOXACARBE (indoxacarb) of the Monograph List of Active Ingredients for Pesticides, Household Cleaning Products and Wood Preservers, published by Resolution - RE no. 165 of 29 August 2003, on the Brazilian Official Gazette (DOU - Diário Oficial da União) of 2 September 2003. Language(s): Portuguese. Number of pages: 4

This Draft resolution incorporates the following changes for the active ingredient I21 - INDOXACARBE (indoxacarb) from the Relation of Monographies of Active Ingredients of Pesticides, Household Cleaning Products and Wood Preservers, all in the modality of foliar use (application):

-     includes the ground-nut, pea, beans, chickpea, and lentil cultures with MRL of 0.08 mg/kg and safety security period of 1 day; 

-     changes the MRL of the bean culture from 0.07 to 0.08 mg/kg and the safety security period from 21 to 1 day.