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  • 10 - Getreide
  • 19 - Zubereitungen auf der Grundlage von Getreide, Mehl, Stärke oder Milch; Backwaren
  • 21 - Verschiedene Nahrungsmittelzubereitungen

HS Code(s): 19053, 1905, 2103, 10, 100890; ICS Code(s): 13, 65

Draft resolution number 583, 21 December 2018, regarding the prohibition of use of aluminium-containing food additives in various food categories. Language(s): Portuguese. Number of pages: 3

This draft resolution proposes the prohibition of food additives containing aluminium in several categories of food.

This Resolution incorporates Resolution GMC MERCOSUR No. 28/18 into the national legal order.

This Resolution is based on Codex Standard 192.

The Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) recommends the reduction of food additives containing aluminium, as far as possible.

There is a worldwide concern about the use of food additives containing aluminium.

The CCFA has recommended, since 2007, the discontinuation of works establishing new provisions on additives containing aluminium.

The CCFA has already excluded the permission to use the additives aluminium and sodium silicate (INS 554), calcium and aluminium silicate (INS 556), and aluminium silicate (INS 559).

The period until 1 October 2019 is established for the adequacy of products that are regularized with the National Health Surveillance System on the date of publication of this Resolution is established. This Resolution shall enter into force on the date of its publication.