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  • 33 - Etherische Öle und Resinoide; zubereitete Riechstoffe, Körperpflege- und Schönheitsmittel
  • 34 - Seifen, organische grenzflächenaktive Stoffe, zubereitete Waschmittel, zubereitete Schmiermittel, künstliche Wachse, zubereitete Wachse, Putzmittel, Kerzen und ähnliche Erzeugnisse, Modelliermassen, Dentalwachse und Zubereitungen zu zahnärztlichen Zwecken

340130; 9619; Perfumes and toilet waters (HS 3303); Beauty or make-up preparations and preparations for the care of the skin (other than medicaments), including sun screen or sun tan preparations; manicure or pedicure preparations (HS 3304); Preparations for use on the hair (HS 3305); Preparations for oral or dental hygiene, including denture fixative pastes and powders (HS 3306); Pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations, personal deodorants, bath preparations, depilatories and other perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations, not elsewhere specified or included; prepared room deodorisers, whether or not perfumed or having disinfectant properties (HS 3307)

Draft of Joint Normative Instruction number 909, 25 August 2020. (3 page(s), in Portuguese)

This draft resolution establishes the shared production areas destined for the manufacturing of personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and perfumes of human use and for the manufacturing of veterinary hygiene and beauty products.

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