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  • 21 - Verschiedene Nahrungsmittelzubereitungen

Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included (HS 2106)

Draft Resolution number 897, 17 August 2020. (13 page(s), in Portuguese)

This draft resolution proposes the revision of the Resolution - RDC number 105, 19 May 1999 - which establishes technical requirements for packages and plastic containers in contact with food; the Resolution - RDC number 56, 16 November 2012 - which establishes the positive list of monomers, starting substances, and polymers authorized in the manufacturing of packages and plastic containers in contact with food; and the Resolution - RDC number 88, 29 June 2016 - which establishes the materials, packages, and cellulosic materials destinated to enter in contact with food; in order to update the health requirements of material in contact with food. 

This Draft Resolution will be also notified to the SPS committee. Comment form: