AU Australien
  • 03 - Fische, Krebstiere, Weichtiere und andere wirbellose Wassertiere

Live, freshwater, fish. Sturgeon for aquaculture purposes (HS code(s): 03019917)

Animal Biosecurity Advice 2022/03.

As set out in the Animal Biosecurity Advice (Biosecurity Advices 2022 - DAWE###/a###), Australia's Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has released an Issues Paper as the first step in a biosecurity import risk analysis (BIRA) for the import of live sturgeon for aquaculture purposes. The BIRA will identify hazards of biosecurity concern associated with the importation of live sturgeon and risk assessments of hazards will be undertaken as required. The Issues Paper outlines processes to be followed and the hazard identification. Trading partners will be informed of the release of the draft BIRA report in due course and will have the opportunity to provide additional comment at that time.