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Cooked duck meat

Importation of cooked duck meat from Thailand - Draft Review. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 72

The Department of Agriculture has released a draft review of the risk management of cooked duck meat from Thailand for a 60-day stakeholder consultation period.

The draft review recommends that the importation of cooked duck meat be permitted from Thailand provided the following measures are applied which will reduce any biosecurity risks identified to a level that is consistent with Australia's appropriate level of protection:

-         cooking duck meat to a minimum core temperature of 70 °C for at least 8.2 minutes;

-         sourcing duck meat from abattoirs and processing facilities approved by Thailand's Department of Livestock Development and from birds hatched and continually resident in Thailand;

-         importing muscle meat or muscle meat with overlying fat and skin only (no whole birds).

Submissions proposing equivalence measures for cooking time and temperature will be assessed on a case-by-case. The Department of Agriculture intends to release a final review on the risk management of cooked duck meat from Thailand following consideration of comments received in response to the draft review.