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Foods in general

Proposal to amend Schedule 20 of the revised Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (4 December 2018)

This Proposal seeks to amend the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to align the following maximum residue limits (MRLs) for various agricultural and veterinary chemicals so that they are consistent with other national regulations relating to the safe and effective use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals:

-         Amisulbrom, Azoxystrobin, Bifenthrin, Bixafen, Clothianidin, Cyprodinil, Diafenthiuron, Dinotefuran, Ethephon, Fludioxinil, Fluensulfone, Fluopyram, Imidacloprid, Indoxacarb, Phosphine, Phosphorous acid, Spinetoram, Sulfoxaflor and Tebuconazole in specified plant commodities; 

-         Fluopyram and Praziquantel in specified animal commodities.