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Biosecurity requirements for post-entry processing of salmonid products sourced from approved countries

Biosecurity Advice 2018/26 - Proposed changes to existing certification and post-entry processing requirements for salmonid products sourced from approved countries (excluding New Zealand) - Request for stakeholder comment

As set out in Biosecurity Advice 2018/26


stakeholders are invited to comment on proposed revised import conditions for salmonid products from approved countries (excluding New Zealand). These have been developed following a review undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department).

To manage the biosecurity risks associated with wastes generated in the post-border processing of imported salmonid products, salmonid products imported into Australia must be in a consumer ready form (at least de-headed, de-gilled and eviscerated) or must be sent to an establishment for further processing into a consumer ready form prior to release.

The Import Risk Analysis on Non-viable Salmonids and Non-salmonid Marine Finfish 1999 (IRA) recommended that all onshore processing of salmonid products exceeding 300kg/day be undertaken at a quarantine approved premise (now an Approved Arrangement) or if processing less than 300kg/day, subject to a compliance agreement with the department.

There are currently no Approved Arrangements (AA) or compliance agreements for establishments wishing to process imported salmonid products. To ensure the post arrival processing of salmonid products in Australia will be managed as recommended by the 1999 IRA, simplified conditions are proposed. The proposed conditions require that all salmonid products imported in a form that requires further processing in Australia to remain under biosecurity control at an establishment that has entered into an approved arrangement with the department. Salmonid product subject to this requirement will only be released from biosecurity control after it has been transformed into a consumer ready form. Salmonid products that are imported in a consumer ready form will not be subject to these conditions.

These changes consolidate certification requirements for all approved countries reducing confusion and unnecessary delays at the border and provides for biosecure post arrival processing arrangements that previously did not exist. Because the thermal treatment is deemed to manage the risks from diseases identified in the 1999 IRA, certification of the animal health and surveillance requirements is not required. Non-approved countries may also seek recognition for thermally treated product after satisfying the department of its capacity to meet the requirements above on a case by case basis. The department invites stakeholders to provide comment on the proposed biosecurity requirements for post-entry processing of salmonid products sourced from approved countries (excluding New Zealand).