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All agricultural products, including dairy, honey, processed foods, seafood, eggs, wool, meat, plant, in-edible meat products (such as pet food), skins and hides.

Changes to Australia's Export Certificates and Container Seals.

This notification is in regards to a change in the appearance and functionality of export certificates and a change to container seals on consignments from Australia. Changes include:

·         using the name Australian Government — rather than previous names of the department

·         using the Australian Government crest

·         adding a unique Quick Reader (QR) code to check the authenticity of the certificate in real-time

·         using attachment pages, where needed, to capture more information that can't fit on the first page of the certificate

·         facsimile/electronic signatures on some certificates

·         issuing certificates on plain paper — when issued with a QR code.

These changes will be coming in stages, with the first stage (the change in appearance of seals) coming into effect on 1 August 2019 and will only affect goods exported from Australia. 

Export certification and container seals are issued under the Export Control Act 1982. There will be no change to Australia's existing certification arrangements or regulatory control over exports.

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