AR Argentinien
  • 19 - Zubereitungen auf der Grundlage von Getreide, Mehl, Stärke oder Milch; Backwaren

Artisan bread (HS 1905)

Proyecto de Resolución Conjunta "Código Alimentario Argentino (CAA) - Capítulo IX - Alimentos Farináceos - Cereales, Harinas y Derivados" - Artículo 725 tris" (Draft Joint Resolution "Argentine Food Code (CAA) - Chapter IX 'Farinaceous foods - Grain, flour and products thereof' - Article 725 ter") (4 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft Joint Resolution, prepared by the National Food Commission (CONAL), incorporates Article 725 ter, which establishes the production processes and labelling of artisan bread, into the group "Bread and bread products".