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Legal measuring instruments

Update of UAE Technical regulations for legal measuring instruments; (116 page(s), in Arabic)

This regulation specifies the requirements for measuring instruments, regulation applies to

A: the following legal Measuring instruments:

1. Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than water

2. Automatic weighing instruments

3. Taxi meters

4. Material Measures

5. Dimensional measuring instruments

6. Exhaust gas measuring devices

7. Tire pressure gauges

B: All new measuring instruments manufactured in the local market, or re-used or new imported measuring instruments.

C: All measurement tools that are provided by remote purchase (such as online purchase or otherwise).

D: Measuring instruments used for the following purposes are excluded from Implementation of this regulation,

1- Samples of measuring instruments used for advertisement purposes,

2- Measuring instruments for special uses, such as military, educational, research or special industrial uses.