AE Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
  • 31 - Elektronik

Mechanical structures for electronic equipment (ICS code(s): 31.240)

UAE Technical Regulation for Labeling – Energy Efficiency Label for Electrical Appliances. Part 10 : Cooking Appliances; (7 page(s), in English and in Arabic)

This Regulation establishes requirements for the labelling and the provision of supplementary product information for domestic electric and gas ovens (including when incorporated into cookers) and it also covers domestic electric and/or gas hobs.

This Regulation shall not apply to:

· ovens that use energy sources other than electricity or gas;

· ovens which offer a 'microwave heating' function;

· portable ovens;

· heat storage ovens;

· ovens which are heated with steam as a primary heating function; · ovens designed for use only with gases of the 'third family' (propane and butane).