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Labeling of Animal Food

Draft Decision on "Approval of Rules For Animal Food Labeling; food products which contain Genetically Modified Organisms" (22 page(s), in Albanian)

This Draft Decision lays down rules for the labeling of:

1.    animal food used for feeding;

2.    GMOs used as animal food;

3.    animal food containing or consisting of GMOs;

4.    animal food produced from GMOs;

This Decision is not applicable to the labeling of animal food:

1.    used for personal consumption and not intended to be placed on the market;

2.    containing feedstuffs consisting of or produced from GMOs not exceeding 0,9 % in the animal food, provided that such presence is inevitable or technically inevitable. In order to prove that the presence of these foodstuffs is inevitable or ethnically inevitable, operators must be able to present to the competent control authorities the evidence and facts that they have taken the appropriate measures to avoid the presence of such foodstuffs;

3.    medicated

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