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  • T00T - VERKEHR

The regulations apply to tractors in Category T with roll-over protection structures (ROPS) and with seat-belt anchorage points. Tractors with ROPS and seat-belt anchorage points but without installed safety belts will be required to install safety belts, provided that the proposed amendment is adopted in Norway.

- Amendment to Regulations relating to the Use of Personal Safety Equipment in Motor Vehicles in Motion

The proposal consists of two alternative regulations for the mandatory use of safety belts for drivers and passengers in tractors. One proposal applies only to tractors with roll-over protection structures (ROPS) where safety belts have already been installed. In the second proposal, the mandatory use of safety belts will apply to tractors with ROPS and approved seat-belt anchorage points.

The latter alternative proposal requires (technical) retrofitting of belts for tractors with ROPS that are equipped with seat-belt anchorage points. The proposals will be submitted nationally for consultation and comment before a final assessment is made with regard to the regulation of mandatory belt use.