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All technical requirements and procedures are defined to be adopted by Category A and B Licence Holdersin order to connect and transmit information to the NBA through the NBA Betting Monitoring and ReportingSystem.

Directive XX 2023: Betting monitoring and reporting system

BMRS is a monitoring platform developed by the NBA as part of strengthening the data-based regulatoryframework, closely monitoring the activity of all participants in the betting market in near real time. Bettingcompanies that facilitate betting activities either online (category B licenses) or through authorised agents andretail outlets (category A licenses) are expected to engage in continuous communication with the platformthrough a properly designed API and transmit all information that the NBA deems necessary for the fulfilmentof the regulatory mandate.

This document describes in detail the different processes the system makes available to end-users (licenceholders), the purpose and data fields required by each of these processes, the expected format that datatransmissions (XML formats) have to comply with, responses and possible errors resulting from datavalidation, and a general description of the communication protocols used.