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The Decree falls within the scope of industrial safety as indicated by the title. 

DECREE on the industrial safety of establishments, installations and products.

Law 9/2014 of 31 July 2014 on the industrial safety of establishments, installations and products establishes a full

regulation of the legal regime applicable to the industrial safety of establishments where serious accidents may occur, installations and products that may cause damage or harm to persons, property or the environment as a result of an accident, including the legal regime of control bodies. The Law sets out the essential characteristics of the industrial safety management model in Catalonia, the requirements and obligations applicable to industrial safety agents, as well as the control functions of the Administration, which include powers of inspection and sanction. However, it leaves for a future Decree the deployment and specification of these general conditions to allow the model to be fully operational. The Decree subject to the notification to the EU regulates the relationship of industrial safety agents with the Administration responsible for industrial safety, the Register of Industrial Safety Technical Installations (RITSIC), the Register of Industrial Safety Agents (RASIC) and the model for management of systems by the Administration.