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fire extinguishers

Order approving the Technical regulations for the use, inspection, refilling, repair and decommissioning of fire extinguishers

The draft reference covers the following issues:

- carrying out checks on fire extinguishers in such a way that they are maintained in working order and loaded at rated capacity, ensuring throughout their lifetime the technical characteristics given by the manufacturer;
- choosing the type of fire extinguisher according to certain criteria, the use of fire extinguishers according to the extinguishing performance, the time interval during which the control is carried out to maintain the fire extinguishers in appropriate condition and the elements to be checked for their control;
Regulation of operations carried out by certified persons for:
- verification of fire extinguishers;
- recharging fire extinguishers;
- repair of fire extinguishers;
- decommissioning of fire extinguishers.
Keywords: fire extinguishers.