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It affects all services for public use and the products that are made available to citizens in these services, establishing accessibility conditions, both physical (walking, apprehension and location) and sensory (location and communication).

Draft Decree approving the Accessibility Code of Catalonia

It implements the provisions of Law 13/2014 of 30 October 2014 on accessibility.

It is divided into 11 chapters: General provisions; Accessibility in the territory; Accessibility in buildings;
Accessibility in transportations means; Accessibility in products; Accessibility in services; Accessibility management; Parking cards for persons with disabilities; Council for the Promotion of Accessibility; Control, inspection and sanctioning procedure; Accessibility quality label.
It establishes the conditions required for new urban spaces, buildings, transportation means, products and services, and also develops the reasonable adjustments, circumstances, requirements and deadlines for adapting existing ones.