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Road design.

Regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure ‘Standards for the Design of Roads’

The regulation regulates the design of rural roads, which is provided for in the road construction project as well as other documents. Other document may include, for example, technical specifications which replace the complete road construction project if the road construction project is not required. This means that it does not matter which documents the construction of a public road is planned on — the requirements established by the regulation must be complied with in any case. Every design should aim for creating safe, accessible, convenient, and environment-friendly mobility conditions. This means that, depending on the possibilities and economic feasibility, a solution of the highest possible quality should always be aimed for when drafting a design, instead of merely satisfying the minimum requirements set out in the regulation.

The content of the regulation is divided into the following parts: general provisions, main elements of the cross-section of a carriageway, road geometry, intersections and junctions, road construction, (road) installation, light traffic track and cycle lane, bus stop, traffic management, road railing system, landscaping and noise barrier, and utility network.