HR Kroatien

Fresh pork meat

Product specification ‘Dokazana kvaliteta’ — Fresh pork meat.

This Specification lays down special characteristics for fresh pork meat relating to the method of production and the quality of fresh pork meat. To this end, the Specification establishes the method of production of fresh pork meat that meets a series of special characteristics. The Specification applies to fresh pork meat that has not undergone any process other than chilling, including meat that is vacuum-wrapped and meat wrapped in a controlled atmosphere.

Special characteristics establish the welfare of animals through improved animal feeding and the length of transport from the producer to the establishment for slaughtering and cutting of meat, and the quality of the main ingredient (fresh pork meat).
‘Dokazana kvaliteta’ label with the indication of the country may only be attached to fresh pork meat if all stages of the production processes are carried out in the country of origin, meaning that the animal was born, bred, fattened and cut in the same country.