ES Spanien
  • B00 - BAUWESEN

Design, execution and documentation of new structures and constructions that may be subject to the action of earthquakes.

Seismic assessment of existing buildings and, where appropriate, seismic adaptation of the same.

Draft Royal Decree approving the Earthquake Resistant Construction Standard NCSR-23.

This draft is the regulatory framework that establishes the essential concepts and requirements to be met by structures located in seismic zones in Spain, in addition to compliance with the rest of the specific regulations in force regarding structures, so that their behaviour, in the face of seismic phenomena, avoids serious consequences for the health and safety of people, avoids economic losses and promotes the preservation of basic services for society in cases of high intensity earthquakes.

The draft Royal Decree consists of the articles and six annexes (each of which is attached for uploading to the TRIS platform as a separate file).