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Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Royal Decree establishing provisions to regulate the system of traceability, identification and registration of certain species of kept terrestrial animals.

This Royal Decree establishes specific provisions as regards the obligations laid down by Regulations (EU) 2019/2035, (EU) 2021/520 and (EU) 2021/963 concerning databases, detailed identification and registration requirements for different animal species (including exemptions and conditions thereof), documents and deadlines, in order to ensure uniform conditions for the operation of the identification and registration system and traceability.

It therefore includes the various identification and registration systems for bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine and equine animals, poultry, leporidae and bees, and also includes species for which no such legislation previously existed, such as camelids, cervids, fur species and psittacids.
In addition, it regulates new aspects of national legislation, such as the electronic identification of bovine animals, the use of the bovine identification document only for movements to other Member States, the individual identification of camelids and cervids, and the individual identification of psittacids involved in
movements to another Member State.
In particular, the introduction of electronic identification of bovine animals necessarily implies the modification of the structure of the identification code, both for bovine and other species such as ovine, caprine and equine animals, which is also defined in this Royal Decree.
In addition, taking into account the experience gained in the application of national legislation on animal identification, this Royal Decree specifies that the existence of animals that do not comply with the current identification regulations or for which the holder cannot guarantee their traceability may be considered, by the competent authority and depending on the circumstances, a certain and serious risk to public and animal health.
Finally, this Royal Decree repeals, or where appropriate amends, the rules on identification, the provisions of which are now covered by this regulation. It also amends the rules that regulate the Integrated Animal Traceability System (SITRAN), to adapt it to the changes introduced in this regulation.