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  • X20M - Waffen und Munition

The regulations contain requirements for firearms and ammunition for hunting and regulate which firearm accessories are allowed to use in hunting. The provisions include rifles, shotguns, combination rifles, handguns and airguns.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations on firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition for hunting

These regulations provide for:

1. which firearms and firearm accessories and ammunition may be used in hunting;
2. which firearms and other means of hunting may be used for killing in search hunting;
3. chemical immobilisation of game, and
4. exemption from the prohibition of lead in ammunition in sports shooting.
The proposed regulations are intended to replace the current provisions on firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition in the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Regulations and General Guidelines on Hunting and State Game (NFS 2002:18).
Major changes:
• Modernisation and simplification.
• Regionalisation and reduced administration. Hunters may, without a derogation from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, use the weapons accessories: lamp, dark sight and thermal sight when hunting for deer if the hunt is allowed throughout the entire day.
• Regionalisation and reduced administration. The use of more means of hunting is allowed in certain protective hunting of wolf, wolverine and lynx without a derogation from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
• Safety. Seals are introduced to the group of animals allowed to hunt with class 2 ammunition.
• Clarity, security and reduced suffering for the game. A new chapter will be introduced on firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition for killing in search hunting.
Amendments to lead in ammunition:
• The weight requirements for class 1 unleaded ammunition are reduced so that unleaded ammunition can be used for more firearms when hunting species of game that are allowed to be hunted with Class 1 ball cartridges (6.5 * 55 mm remains in Class 1 even at a total lead ban).
• Ammunition containing lead gunshot may also be used by competition licenced marksmen who do not represent Sweden at certain competitions.
• An information provision is introduced to provide information on the ban on lead gunshot in and around wetlands in Sweden as from 16 February 2023, as set out in Annex XVII to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The Regulation does not contain a mutual recognition clause. The provisions of the Regulation govern which firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition may be used for hunting. They are intended to apply regardless of whether the goods are lawfully manufactured or marketed in another country or not.