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  • T40T - Stadtverkehr und Strassentransport

The regulations applies to small electric vehicles for one person (the driver). The vehicles must have a curb weight not exceeding 70 kg (including battery), width not exceeding 85 cm, length not exceeding 120 cm and maximum constructive speed not exceeding 20 km/h. Vehicles without self-balancing technology are not permitted to have a seating position.

In Norwegian:

- Ny forskrift om krav til liten elektrisk motorvogn
- Endring av forskrift om førerkort m.m. (førerkortforskriften)
- Endring i trafikkreglene
In English:
- New regulations on rewuirements for small electric motor vehicles
- Amendment to Regulations on driving licenses, etc. (driving license regulations)
- Amendment to Regulations on driving and walking traffic (traffic rules)

There are technical requirements concerning the general construction, identification number, brakes, reflector, lights when used in the dark or in invisible weather and audible warning device.

Intruducing an age limit of minimum 12 years and maximum 16 years when using a small electric vehicles.
Give the vehicle access to cycle paths, but a ban on footpaths and sidewalks.
If a ban on the sidewalk is introduced, the age limit can be raised up to 16 years because they then often will have to drive on the road. An alternative proposal is introducing an age limit for the use of the vehicle, for example 12 years, and a ban on the use of the sidewalk, but children under 16 years are still allowed on the sidewalk.