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The regulations applies for buses with passenger transport requiring a licence

In Norwegian: Forskrift om endring av forskrift 3. desember 2009 nr. 1438 om universell utforming av motorvogn i løyvepliktig transport

In english: Regulations relating to amendments to Regulations of 3 December 2009 No. 1438 relating to universal design of motor vehicles used for licensed transport etc.

In order to reduce the scope of a frontal collision, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is proposing to introduce a requirement that class I, II and III buses registered in Norway after 1 January 2023 shall satisfy Section 5 of UN Regulation 29 when the test is carried out in accordance with Annex 3 Test A, the front impact test and the impact energy shall be in accordance with Section 5.5.2.

This is an impact test consisting of a suspended impactor with a mass of no less than 1,500 kg striking against the middle section of the bus front.
We are proposing to add a new fifth paragraph to Section 4 of the Regulations, setting out a requirement for Class I, II and III buses to meet the requirements for frontal protection where a crash test has been carried out in accordance with Section 5 of UN/ECE Regulation No. 29 Annex 3 Test A.