NO Norwegen
  • T20T - Seetransport und Binnenschifffahrtstransport

The Draft Technical Regulations (DTR) apply to Norwegian:

a) cargo ships, including recreational craft of 24 metres in overall length and upwards;
b) passenger ships;
c) mobile offshore units
d) barges

Draft Regulations concerning amendments to the Regulations of 5 September 2014 No. 1157 on navigation and navigational aids for ships and mobile offshore units

The main aim of the amendments is bringing the regulations in line with SOLAS chapter V. For cargo ships of less than 24 metres in length (L) and of less than 500 gross tonnage we have adjusted some requirements in accordance with SOLAS V/1.4.

The regulations also include the previously implemented Directive 96/98/EC point 55a, Directive 2002/59/EC as amended by Directive 2009/17/EC, Directive 2009/18/EC and Directive 2011/15/EU) and Annex II chapter XXXII point 1 (Directive 96/98/EC).
The DTR introduces new requirements for AIS on every passenger ships (in accordance with 2002/59/EC article 6 annex II) as the general exemption for passenger ships under 300 gt is removed, and new requirements for AIS on cargo ships from 12 meters are introduced.
The DTR also introduces new requirements for BNWAS on cargo ships. These requirements are based on a recommendation from the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority.