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Types of medical transportation; uniforms of medical rescue team and air medical rescue team members

Regulation of the Minister for Health on the designation of the State Medical Rescue System and requirements for uniforms of emergency rescue team members

The regulation applies to uniforms for ground and air medical rescue team members. The regulation provides for a change, among others, in the colour of the specialised medical transport vehicle. Currently, the ambulances are white or yellow. The introduced change limits the colour of these vehicles to yellow only. The change in the regulations in this respect is dictated by the need to standardise the colour scheme of vehicles used in the National Emergency Medical Service system. Ambulances currently in use and those that will be brought into service within 6 months of the regulation’s entry into force will be subject to existing regulations, which will allow ambulance dispatchers to gradually replace ambulances within their operating costs. After 31 December 2030, all vehicles used by emergency medical teams will have to be labelled in accordance with the regulation. The regulation clarifies the labelling elements of specialised medical vehicles, in particular by adding the cryptonym of the medical rescue team as specified in the Provincial Action Plan of the State Medical Rescue System.

The draft regulation introduces changes to elements of uniforms. The changes are aimed at improving clothing comfort and user satisfaction.

In addition, the draft regulation introduces changes in the designation of the function and first and last initials identical to those adopted in other services (the National Fire Service, the Police, the Polish Armed Forces, the Border Guard), by wearing the emblems of the function and first and last initials on the left and right sides, respectively. The placement of the national flag on both sleeves and the graphic symbol of the National Emergency Medical Services system have also been standardised.

The draft regulation introduces changes to the uniforms of air medical rescue team members and clarifies the basic requirements to be satisfied by the uniforms. The changes normalise the colour scheme of uniforms to a specific shade of red with inserts in black. The draft regulation also introduces changes to the technical and performance requirements based on the season in which the items are to be used (summer, winter or all year round).

Uniforms of emergency medical team members purchased or issued before the date of entry into force of the Regulation that do not satisfy the requirements outlined in Annexes 3 and 4 to the Regulation may be used until stocks are depleted or worn out, but no longer than until 31 December 2027.