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  • B20 - Sicherheit

The draft concerns personal protective equipment — special clothing and lightweight special clothing

Draft Regulation of the Minister for Internal Affairs and Administration amending the Regulation on the list of products intended to ensure public safety or to protect health and life and property, as well as the rules for issuing the authorisation of such products for entry into service

Currently, one type of clothing exists in the pragmatic regulations governing the requirements for special clothing, referred to as ‘special clothing’. It consists of a piece of special clothing in accordance with standard PN-EN 469 and a lightweight clothing jacket in accordance with PN-EN 15614. In addition to the technical regulations relating to special clothing, the draft provision introduces into the legal system the technical requirements and the technical reference document for lightweight special clothing. In addition, the existing standard PN-EN 15614 (only with regard to lightweight jackets) is replaced by standard PN-EN ISO 15384,

taking into account the progress in the field of design of lightweight special clothing.