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Electrical and electronic equipment

Order on the placing on the market of electrical and electronic equipment and the management of waste of such electrical and electronic equipment (the Electronics Waste Order)

The new minimum administrative requirements generally consist of requiring producers and collective schemes for the collection and treatment of electronic waste to carry out self-monitoring to a certain extent, to publish certain information and to modulate financial contributions environmentally from the members of the collective schemes.

Only the requirement for environmental modulation of financial contributions in Section 59 of the draft is

considered to entail a notification requirement in accordance with 2015/1535 (EU).

Section 59 of the Order obliges collective schemes to modulate the financial contribution of producers
environmentally to cover operational costs related to the management of waste electrical and electronic
equipment in the collective scheme in accordance with Annex 10.

Annex 10 sets out criteria for the environmental modulation of the seven categories of electrical and electronic equipment. Producers’ financial contributions to the collective scheme are then modulated according to whether or not the products meet those criteria.