SE Schweden

Organic production.

Regulations amending the Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations (SJVFS 2021:47) on organic production

The regulations lay down rules for operators producing and handling non-food agricultural and aquaculture products, and rules for the relevant control bodies.

The major changes we propose concern the following:

  • recognition of certification schemes for sustainable fisheries as required by point of Part III of Annex II to (EU) 2018/848 and Annex III to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/1165, (Chapter 1, Section 4a);
  • date of registration for plant reproductive material in the organicXseeds database and ordering date for the autumn season. The exact date will be determined together with operators in the autumn and is indicated by "Xx month" in the draft (Chapter 2, Sections 4 to 5);
  • how an operator may apply for individual authorisation in accordance with point 1.8.6(e) of Part I of Annex II, in order to use non-organic plant reproductive material in certain cases for the production of plant reproductive material and to place such material on the market for use in organic production (Chapter 2, Section 8a);
  • that it shall not be possible to obtain an exemption under point of Part I of Annex II for the use of certain types of non-organic plant reproductive material (Chapter 2, Sections 10a and 11);
  • seed of heterogeneous material shall meet the same requirements as ordinary seed in respect of certain weeds and pests, which may cause significant damage in both organic and conventional cultivation (Chapter 2, Sections 14a to c); and
  • fees for handling notifications for certification and applications for exemptions and approvals to be charged from 1 January 2023. The fees will be calculated in the autumn and are indicated by "x" in the draft (Annex 2).