RO Rumänien
  • B00 - BAUWESEN

The provisions of these technical rules shall apply to roads of national interest.

The works covered by these technical rules are: intersections of roads of national interest as well as their intersections with other categories of roads and access routes to properties placed in roads neighbourhood, passages over: highways, express roads, detours, detours with related ramps, legs of grade separations, roads crossed by other communication paths, underground or aerial location of closed or open channels, pipelines, electrical networks, telecommunications lines, location of advertising means, constructions of any nature in the road area, repair, extension or dismantling of structures located in the road area, etc.

TECHNICAL RULES on the conditions for the design and location of constructions, installations and

advertising means in the area of roads of national interest, on bridges, passages, viaducts, in road tunnels, as well as the arrangement of access routes to roads of national interest, except for the national road sections located in the defined urban area of municipalities/county seats managed by local councils

For the purposes of these technical rules, works in the area of roads of national interest mean those

construction works, installations or other works, located in the area of roads of national interest, bridges, passageways, viaducts and road tunnels, as well as those works which, although located outside theseareas, may affect the integrity, stability, operating conditions or safety of traffic on these roads.

These works can be carried out only with the prior approval/agreement and the authorisation of location
and/or access to the road of national interest, issued by the road manager. For the location and access to the road area, the owner/manager of the structures has the obligation to conclude with the road managerof the national interest the contract for use and access to the road area of national interest and to pay the  corresponding tariffs.