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This draft applies updates such as expanding the general exemption for installation requirements to include heat pumps, incorporating the increasing use of external insulation systems on façades into the U-value calculation, etc. These changes mainly fall under the construction category.

Ministerial Decree amending various provisions of the Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2018 laying down general provisions on energy performance regulations, energy performance certificates and certification of contractors and installers

The draft Ministerial Decree contains several technical amendments, including:

1) expansion of the general exemption for installation requirements, provided in Article 55 of the MD of 28 December 2018, to include heat pumps;
2) the method for the EPC for large non-residential buildings (formula structure and inspection protocol);
3) revision of the transmission reference document (Annex 4 to the MD of 28 December 2018);
4) revision of Annex 18 to the MD of 28 December 2018 (calculation method for the supporting document).