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This Decision has made a number changes to the Building Environment Decree with regard to fire safety requirements with regard to parking garages and the standards for daylight in buildings.

Decision amending the Building Environment Decree in relation to the fire safety of parking garages and daylight standards

This amendment to the Decision on Building Environment Decree (hereinafter: Bbl) contains amendments to two technical/construction topics: the fire safety of car parks and standards for daylight.

Parking garages:

Fires in car parks are increasingly difficult to combat by the fire brigade. Modern cars are larger, and contain more plastic. There are also more cars based on alternative fuels (electric/hydrogen). This leads to additional risks, particularly in parking garages under high-rise buildings, in which people sleep. This amendment provides that with these buildings (new constructions), a sprinkler system is to be installed in the parking garage. It furthermore concerns requirements for the installation of electric charging stations.

The current Bbl requirements for daylight entry in buildings have been adapted to the European EN standard for daylight. This adjustment is policy neutral.

Article I of the draft Decision, which contains a number of amendments to the Bbl, may contain technical requirements.

Article 1.2 of the Bbl contains a provision of mutual recognition that also applies to this amendment.