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Cash register systems and the linked control module, currently in use in hospitality establishments where restaurant and catering services are consumed.

Draft Ministerial Decree - Technical requirements for the registered cash register system

Since 2013, all hospitality establishments exceeding the threshold of EUR 25,000, achieved with restaurant and catering services, have been required to issue a VAT receipt, created with a registered cash register system (GKS), to their customers. This registered cash register system today consists of a cash register (software), linked to the Fiscal Data Module (FDM) in which a VAT Signing Card guarantees digital security. Technical requirements were imposed on both the cash register systems and the Fiscal Data Module, which serve as the basis for the conformity tests carried out by the FPS Finance.

Given the enormous evolution in technology, this system requires modernisation.
Strictly legislative, some minor adjustments need to be made (see also attached documents).
The former Technical Circular (see point 5) is undergoing the largest adjustments and will be replaced by a Ministerial Decree.
At the level of the cash register, a number of items (such as a receipt copy) are once again possible. However, the Fiscal Data Module and the communication from the cash register to this module are thoroughly reshaped (communication protocols, firmware, etc.). Before these new versions of the covered products can be installed in hospitality establishments, such as is the case today, they will be submitted to a conformity check by the competent department of the FPS Finance. This procedure was reproduced unchanged from the previous Circular.