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  • C90A - Tier- und Haustierschutz

The regulation is notified due to technical requirements for alarm systems for artificial ventilation systems used in the keeping of production animals (see Article 9.6(1) of the regulation).

Regulation of the Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of........, No WJZ/21198077, amending the Animal Holders Regulation with regard to the further provision of emergency and alarm systems for artificial ventilation

Article 2.5 of the Animal Holders Decree (hereinafter: decree) contains rules on lighting and ventilation when keeping animals for agricultural purposes. Paragraphs 5 and 6 of this article refer to an emergency system which supplies sufficient fresh air, or an alarm system which enters into force if the artificial ventilation system fails. The 10th paragraph of Article 2.5 of the decree stipulates that requirements are set for these systems by ministerial regulation. The present amendment to the Animal Holders Regulation sets these requirements.
Article 9.6(1) sets technical requirements for the alarm system.
Article 9.7 of the regulation contains a mutual recognition clause.