FI Finnland
  • T20T - Seetransport und Binnenschifffahrtstransport

The regulation applies to:

1) passenger ships of Class C and D constructed before 1 July 1998 compliant with the Directive on safety rules and standards for passenger ships (2009/45/EC);
2) passenger ships operating in trade area Domestic I;
3) passenger ships operating in trade areas Domestic III and III of less than 24 metres in length and constructed before 1 July 1998;
4) passenger ships not constructed of steel engaged in domestic trade;
5) cargo ships of less than 500 gross tonnage engaged in international voyages;
6) cargo ships engaged in domestic voyages;
7) tugboats;
8) barges;
9) integrated tug barges;
10) dredgers;
11) ferries;
12) fishing vessels not covered by the Fishing Vessel Directive (97/70/EC).

Fire safety on ships

An updated Regulation laying down adequate fire safety requirements for ships covered by the scope of the Act

on the Technical Safety and Safe Operation of Ships is hereby issued.
Keywords: fire safety, ships, safety