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The following two categories of single-use plastic products are subject to this notification:

(1) Cups for beverages, including their covers and lids, and
(2) Food containers, i.e. receptacles such as boxes, with or without a cover, used to contain food which:
- is intended for immediate consumption, either on-the-spot or take-away,
- is typically consumed from the receptacle, and
- is ready to be consumed without any further preparation, such as cooking, boiling or heating, including food containers used for fast food or other meal ready for immediate consumption, except beverage containers, plates and packets and wrappers containing food.

Single-Use Plastic Framework Regulations, 2022.

The Single-Use Plastic Framework Regulations, 2022 transpose the majority of the Articles emanating from Directive (EU) 2019/904. Notably, regulation 4 brings into effect the obligation set out in Article 4(1) of the Directive, through which Member States are required to take measures to achieve an ambitious and sustained reduction in the consumption of the single-use plastic products listed in part A of the Annex of the said Directive.

Regulation 4 of the notified Legal Notice prescribes a number of measures aiming at reducing national consumption of the targeted single-use plastic products, two of which (sub-reguations (5) and (8)) are specifically subject to this notification as they impose a charge and a partial restriction on use. The measures set out in sub-regulations 4(5) and 4(8) prescribe that the targeted single-use plastic products:
- that are provided empty or filled at the point of sale by catering establishments shall be subject to a fee; and,
- shall not be provided empty or filled at the point of sale by any restaurant, cafeteria, bar, snack bar, lido and canteen, including those in schools, university campus, hospitals or any government building, for consumption of food and/or beverages within their premises ("eating-in").