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  • N20E - Elektrizität

The draft concerns recharging points for supplying electrical energy to electric vehicles.

Guidance on metrological characteristics for electric vehicle recharging points

The guidance contains recommendations on how recharging points shall be designed in terms of metrology to allow them to be used in public applications. This means that there are recommendations regarding measurement accuracy, the way in which the measurement result is to be presented, and protection of the measurement result against intentional or unintended influence. The guidance is aimed at manufacturers, importers and operators of recharging points, i.e. those responsible for the management and operation of recharging points and for the provision of recharging services to consumers or end users.

Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market of measuring instruments operates in this area.
The requirements laid down in the Directive apply to the metering function in recharging points. Terms and concepts have been aligned as far as relevant and possible with Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure and the ongoing revision of this legal act. For the rest, the recommendations apply to the recharging point and its design.