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  • B00 - BAUWESEN

Within the scope of the Regulation shall be the requirements for the design and operation of the playgrounds, for the playground control authorities, for the safety of playground equipment, and for the performance of the shock-absorbing surfacing intended for indoor and outdoor playgrounds for users under 18 years of age.

Draft Regulation amending and supplementing Regulation No 1 of 2009 on the conditions and procedure for the structure and safety of playgrounds

Оnly the principle requirements of the European Standards that are relevant to the planning and design of playgrounds, as well as to the siting and installation of play equipment are suggested to be left in the draft Regulation amending and supplementing Regulation No. 1 of 2009. In this respect, as they are mainly related to structural and/or technical characteristics of play equipment, a large part of the requirements of Section V "Minimum safety requirements for play equipment and parts thereof" under Chapter Two are proposed to be repealed. Amendments have been made to Annexes 2 and 7 but Annexes 4 and 5 are proposed for repeal.

Annex No 6 has been aligned with the new requirements of the updated series of standards BDS EN 1176, and due to the large volume of changes to be made a new wording of the annex has been proposed. As the safe deployment of the play equipment is subject of the design of the playground, the requirements of the European Standards for play equipment to be followed in the installation of the equipment are set out in the new Annex 6a.
From the analysis of the current requirements of the BDS EN 1176 series of standards, it became necessary to refine the definitions of the terms used in relation to play equipment, which is reflected in the amendment of Article 1 of the Additional Provisions of the Regulation. Also repealed are terms that, as a result of the repealed requirements, are no longer used in the Regulation.
As a result of the review of the implementation of the Regulation, the requirements of the Regulation have been refined to ensure that they are consistent with the requirements of the current legislation, as well as individual requirements of the Regulation have been edited for clarity.