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Products concerning Pig Meat and Pork Products

''Products of Quality'' National Scheme

Product Specification - Pig Meat and Pork Products
Skema Nazzjonali għal ''Prodotti ta' Kwalità''
Speċifikazzjoni tal-Prodott - Laħam u Prodotti tal-Majjal

The present product specification concerns the production of Pig Meat in adherence to the Products of Quality National Scheme (PQNS), recognised by the Maltese Government with SL427.90 according to Regulation (EU) No 1305/2013. The present product specification shall apply to animal husbandry, slaughtering, processing and commercial marketing and sale of pig meat.

Emphasis is to be made on this quality mark that is to ensure a certification system whereby it is guaranteed that not only the meat quality is to conform with the actual meat quality parameters but also to carry with it the guarantee that such production of pork meat was carried out in conformity with husbandry standards that go well beyond the baseline requirement.
In this regard it is to be emphasised that this product specification encompasses a wholesome husbandry system whereby the consumer has the guarantee that many of the baseline parameters that concern the health and welfare of the animals is surpassed.
In this context the present product specification lays down additional requirements with respect to the directly applicable and binding rules regarded as pre-requisites.