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  • S00E - UMWELT

Biological control agents — pests phytosanitary control of plants.

This diploma regulates the introduction in national territory of invertebrate, autochthonous or exotic biological control agents with a view to experimentation and use in biological control against harmful plant organisms, in order to prevent and minimise negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems and the environment in general and, in particular, on non-target organisms.

The Decree-Law aims to create national rules for the authorisation and official registration for the placing on the market of biological control agents to be used in biological control against harmful plant organisms. The targeted biological control agents include the following species: insects, predators or parasitoids; predator mites, entomopathogenic nematodes and other living organisms or agents used as auxiliaries, such as sterile insects.

The diploma provides for different approaches depending on whether they are native or non-native species. In particular, the necessary requirements for the authorisation for the introduction and release of biological control agents in the national territory are defined, the procedures for the registration of biological control agents in the National List of Biological Control Agents, and of the entities that import, produce or market them.