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Measurements subject to Metrological Control (Amendment) Regulations, 2022

Regulation 4 of the Measurements subject to Metrological Control Regulations, 2011 (S.L 454.17 of the Laws of Malta) provides that speed cameras shall be subjected to periodical legal metrological control in line with the conditions laid down in the Schedule to the Regulations. In terms of the Schedule to the Regulations, speed cameras shall be subjected to such metrological control on an annual basis.

Following investigations conducted by the Standards and Metrology Institute (‘SMI’) within the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (‘MCCAA’), it transpired that speed cameras placed on the Maltese market and put into service on the Maltese roads, have since 2011 been subjected to metrological testing (control) in an independent and accredited testing centre. Such testing centre repeatedly certified that speed cameras should require re-testing every two years. Moreover, from all certificates obtained by SMI, it is evident that since being put into service, such speed cameras have consistently given accurate readings without requiring calibration.
Given that, in line with the foregoing, speed cameras put into service have been certified by an independent testing centre as consistently giving accurate readings and requiring metrological control every two years, it is being proposed that the periodicity for metrological control of speed cameras be extended to two years instead of the current one year.