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  • C10C - Gefährliche Stoffe und Zubereitungen

This draft regulates the placing on the market of certain pyrotechnic articles. These are mainly articles falling under the scope of Directive 2013/29/EU, with some exceptions under Directives 2014/90/EU (distress signals for seagoing vessels) and 2009/48/EC (percussion caps specially designed for toys).

Royal Decree setting out various provisions on the possession of and trade in pyrotechnic articles

For some types of pyrotechnic articles, the draft relaxes the storage conditions for traders that only store small quantities. These traders are no longer required to apply for a permit for storage of this kind.
For certain other articles, in particular sound generators and flash generators of category P1, flares of category P1, Bengal lights of category T1 and smoke generators of categories T1 and P1, over-the-counter sales to individuals and possession by individuals are prohibited.

The draft does not withdraw these articles from the market: it still permits their sale to professional users and traders with a permit to store and/or transport them.
The draft provides an exception that nevertheless allows individuals to obtain certain articles needed for distress signalling.