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  • B00 - BAUWESEN

This draft introduces a requirement for low-temperature heat delivery in new buildings. It also applies various amendments to the EPB requirements in the Annex to the Energy Decree, to correct errors and omissions.

Decree of the Flemish Government amending the Decree of the Flemish Government of 8 December 2006 on the maintenance and inspection of central combustion appliances for the heating of buildings or the production of hot water, the Decree of the Flemish Government of 12 December 2008 implementing Title XVI of the Decree of 5 April 1995 laying down general provisions on environmental policy, and the Energy Decree of 19 November 2010, with regard to various provisions on energy

This draft Flemish Government Decree mainly:

1) introduces a low-temperature delivery requirement for new buildings;
2) applies amendments to the EPB requirements.