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Fuel oil boilers (= the whole of the boiler body and burner to transfer the heat from combustion of fuel oil to water for space heating or sanitary hot water)

Proposal for a Decree amending the Energy Decree of 8 May 2009 as regards the ban on the installation of a fuel oil boiler

It is already prohibited to install a boiler in both residential and non-residential buildings for which the environmental permit for urban planning operations related to new construction or the major energy renovation is requested from 1 January 2022. In the case of existing residential buildings and non-residential buildings, as from 1 January 2022, a fuel oil boiler may only be replaced by another boiler if no natural gas network is available in the street. Failure to comply with this obligation is enforced by means of an administrative fine. The present proposal clarifies that “in the street” is intended if there is no natural gas network available in the street at the level of the building, or if the building cannot be connected to the natural gas pipeline on the other side of the street through an under drilling.